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MTL700 is specifically designed for  LED  components mounting.  It  is in full compliance with the manufacturing demand of  LED application. Exclusively develop the arms (X-Y arms) to demonstrate the excellent productivity of mounting LED light strips. MTL700 supports the substrates of LED power supply, LED controller, round downlight  and  Irregular shaped light。 The top speed for MTL700 achieves 40,000 CPH. It is the best alternative for price/performance champion.


  • Two placement heads machine with 12 nozzles for the maximum productivity
  • Newly-developed Power Feeder used for  the convenience  
  • Correct the angle  and identify the polarity for the mounting components by Evest patented fly vision recognition system.
  • Tailor-made nozzle for LED components for better sorption and protection.
  • Place a chip at 40,000 CPH (Optimum) 
  • Applicable substrate size : 1200mm (L) x 250mm (W )

Production Description

Staggered Arms with Multiple Axes and Two Heads

Evest MTL 700 consists of staggered arms with multiple axes/two heads to copy with the panelization design of LED light strip substrate. This design shortens the moving distance and increases the mounting efficiency and throughput. 

Patented Vision Recognition System with High Speed Vision On-The-Fly

Newly-developed double-sided vision recognition system with high speed vision on the fly. The placement head identify the pin and polarity of components on the way  to the mounted area.

Versatile Nozzles Tailored for LED Components

Evest offers versatile nozzles tailored for LED components and support wide range of components range from 1005 to 24x18mm.

The material of nozzle varies by  the characteristics of components . It offers the optimum abrasion resistance. Besides, the patented shrapnel helps lessen the surface impact of  LED components.

Power Feeder

Newly-developed high speed power feeder support a wide range of components. Easy to be operated , installed and maintained.

Evest power feeder effectively increase the feeding stability and speed. 8mm power feeder adopts double-reeled mode for convenient maintenance.

Evest mounter could timely monitor the feeding status by the link of imbedded smart module

Support Long Substrate 

Evest LED mounter supports 300mm / 600mm / 1200mm LED light strips and  other size strips by custom-made mode.

The mounting covers a wide range of LED light applications. Including LED automobile lamps, LED patio lights and LED backlights.Evest LED mounter also supports the mounting of  R.C., SOP components