#Automatic coating、dispensing & potting robots.
#Buy and sell NEW & USED SMT machine.
#SMT component reel count & marking machine.
#PCBA related equipment and materials.


We provide services and supply for the below:
@High precision part fabrication.
@High quality step down (milling) stencil for SMT.
@Counter-weight for elevator​


#SMT and AI Spare parts.
#Original, OEM and Fabrications.
#Component supplies-- Active, passive and mechanical part.
#Industrial Lubricant.
#Pneumatic component, cylinder, valve and accessories.
#Sensors and amplifier.
#DC Power Supplies.
#Wave solder machine finger.
#SMT Machine Electrical Parts.
#Cleanroom & ESD products.
#Splicing tools

Automatic coating、dispensing & potting robots.

Our product include automatic dispensing machine, two-component potting machine, in-line high-speed spray dispensing machine, automatic coating machine, customized automation assembly line, six-joint robot application integration, etc.

We are capable of providing high-speed and high precision intelligent manufacturing solutions in the field oh household applications, mobile phone / PC, automotive electronics, water purifying parts manufacturing as well as electro-magnectics shielding , water proof sealing, LED potting, solar energy industry, etc…, significantly increasing the productivity and automation level.

SMT Multi-functional & LED Mounter

MTL series SMT mounter is specifically designed for LED components mounting. It also supports the mounting of various electronics components.

SMART component count & mark

SMART:Count is designed to code reels of SMD components to enable stores personnel to quickly and accurately gauge the quantity of product remaining on a reel. The machine is used to unwind a reel of components, then rewind it printing a component count onto the cover tape as it rewinds.


  • High Precision Parts Fabrication
  • Counter Weight for Elevator

Consumable Parts

# SMT and AI Spare parts.
# Original, OEM and Fabrications.
# Component supplies– Active, passive and mechanical part.
# Industrial Lubricant.
# Pneumatic component, cylinder, valve and accessories.
# Sensors and amplifier.
# DC Power Supplies.
# Wave solder machine finger.
# SMT Machine Electrical Parts.
# Cleanroom & ESD products.