SMART:Count & Mark SMD Reel printer


SMART:Count is designed to code reels of SMD components to enable stores personnel to quickly and accurately gauge the quantity of product remaining on a reel. The machine is used to unwind a reel of components, then rewind it printing a component count onto the cover tape as it rewinds.


The system utilizes a Domino G-Series thermal ink jet printer to print directly on to the cover tape using a fast drying durable ink. The printer requires no maintenance or cleaning and uses cartridges similar to an office printer for quick, clean and efficient usage.


• Increase stock count accuracy with the elimination of manual counts.
• Reduce material handling and machine changeover times.
• Eliminate disruptions in daily production line operation.


Reel Style: 12.7mm bore
Maximum Reel Diameter: 330mm
Product Pitch: 2,4,8,12,16,24,32 and 36mm
Tape drive hole pitch: 4mm
Minimum tape width: 8mm
Maximum tape width: 56mm
Unwind speed: Approx 600mm/s
Printing speed: Approx 450mm/s
Electrical Supply: 100-240V AC, 50-60Hz